Happy November 1st

Happy Nov 1st 2016!

I love the image above that says it is National Eat Your Kids Halloween Candy Day!!  Too funny.  So The grand-kids were visiting and got all dressed up in costumes and they went to trick or treat, when they came back, OMG!!!!  They all had Pillow cases full of Candy.  Each child was allowed three pieces.  Mom and Dad went through each bag for opened candy to throw away.  Over an hour later it was time to trade candy with each other.  OK these are not my grand-kids but I will say they are because I love kids!

This is the Month of Thanksgiving

and My sister’s birthday on Thanksgiving.  So far we are cooking for everyone so it will be a fun filled house on Thanksgiving.  I plan on watching the football game!

What are you Thankful for in 2016?