Why do People Hoard their THINGS?

Okay truth be told I have lived with One Hoarder in 2016.  The idea was to save money and rent from a friend a room.  six hundred dollars seems reasonable enough.  Well, what I never knew or lived with in my past was using WELL WATER.  well-watre

They say you can use a water softener so it does not smell like rotten eggs. water-sofr

Where I lived the water softener did not work and everyday I smelled eggs, rotten eggs.  I did not want to take a showers in it nor wash dishes or cook in the water.

Than I was unemployed and moved into a one bedroom apartment and the landlord said I could pay two payments as I was being paid every two weeks.  Low and Behold I got an eviction notice and just moved out.  The  crazy thing is that it was in a very bad area of gangs and alcoholics.  I did it because I could afford it but my employer dropped my hours so I was not able to afford it.

I was living in my car with three cats and my boyfriend and working. It was no life for my cats so I called every shelter no kill, and adoption agencies and low and behold there was no openings for the cats.  It was a sign from God to Keep them.

So I moved from ILLINOIS TO OHIO in two hours I quit my job packed my car and drove in six hours to a cousins house so that I was safe.  This was the hardest decision I ever made. But my cats were more important than myself.  So this led me to go where my cousin has 14 cats and a dog so now we have 17 total.  It’s a house full of cat fun.  Not a day goes by where I am unhappy.

I do find that hoarding is going on here to in OHIO because they do not throw anything and I mean Anything away. It is a big house but the only room we can live in is the kitchen and the living room out of four other rooms.  The room I am in has two bunk beds and it is full of stuff, beyond full of stuff.

I am a neat freak and organization freak so this living style is just not for me.  I am praying for a huge miracle.  First I need a job, transfer drivers license, and it is so hard to transfer my cosmetology license that I won’t bother with it.  But I have to say OHIO has TONS of job offers and I will find something even if I call uber or get someone to drive me to and from work.

I finally found a great doctor to prescribe my depression medication and get me antibiotics for a sinus infection and ear infection.

Starting over is easy if you can let go and let God.  I have bought all I need clothing and shoe wise from a GOODWILL, praise God for them!!

I wish I had my own place but time will tell if that will happen.  I hate being jobless and homeless and in Illinois I was on Medicaid and food stamps.  I wonder what kind of hassle it will be to get it in OHIO!

All I know is GOD is with ME that is for sure.  I do know without a doubt I am not a hoarder.

Two living conditions that transformed my life and how to recognize a hoarder!!




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