Welcome Winter in OHIO


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If you haven’t found a way to be at peace with yourself, and
if you haven’t found a way to be happy on your own, chances
are that you won’t be happy next to the person you love
either. You can’t expect to get from others what you
yourself don’t have to offer.

Its our first day of Winter in OHIO on 11/19/2016


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winter is upon us now that today it is about 37 degree and dropping in OHIO.  The cat is sound asleep and the rain will turn to snow by tonight with windy conditions.  Prayers have been answered and I finally found a job at the local GOODWLLL store and I am so excited.  I have been a resale shopper most of my life.  Why is GoodWill such a great place for me?  I live near it and I shop there.  When  I first came to OHIO it is the only store I could find what I wanted very inexpensively.