Welcome Winter in OHIO


snow ball 001.jpg

Snow in OHIO NOV 19 006.jpgsnow-in-ohio-nov-19-006snow-in-ohio-nov-19-004snow-in-ohio-nov-19-005

If you haven’t found a way to be at peace with yourself, and
if you haven’t found a way to be happy on your own, chances
are that you won’t be happy next to the person you love
either. You can’t expect to get from others what you
yourself don’t have to offer.

Its our first day of Winter in OHIO on 11/19/2016


One thought on “Welcome Winter in OHIO

  1. Oh my, I really love the contrast of the red on the green in those photos there! The passing of autumn and the onset of winter is so transitory, yet so captivating… And I couldn’t agree with you more – we can’t expect everything from others if we have nothing to offer by way of return! ☺️

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