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Hello my name is Jackie Paulson, a 50 year old women craving education thus my enrollment in my Master’s Degree in Human Resource.  I have accomplished my AA in Paralegal, My BA in Technical management although no work to be found.  That led me back into the cosmetology field which I did for 20 years and am completely burned out of.  I love my 3 cats and in my free time I love to Read!  I blog daily, doodle daily.  I love to organize anything and clean anything.  I hope to get to know one or two individuals in this class for a lifetime of friendship.  I am a Sagittarian and love being creative.  Let’s communicate.  I just moved to OHIO from IL in October of 2016, I left everything behind material wise to start my new life in a new area, also leaving behind my Independent daughter Jorden, age 22 born on Valentine’s Day.  I raised her as a single mother at 1.5 years old because my ex walked out on me and married a younger women.  I raised my daughter before going back to college.  I feel like half my life is over, but I am determined to say that these will be the best years of my life starting right now – I am an eternal Optimistic person.