Blogger Recognition Award

Give a brief story of how your blog started….My blog had to have a name that involved Books as I am a book addict, I buy them and read them and I love to do book reviews.  I also at age 50 moved from Illinois to Ohio and started my life over with zero possessions other than my three cats.  I have enrolled in College to get my Masters in Human Resources and love to study and learn.  I guess it’s an Obsession.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers….  One piece of advice to give all of the readers today is that if you join in any of the WordPress Challenges it’s easier to blog!  The topics are picked for you and you will be able to find fellow lovers of your craft easily.

The second piece of advice is that in order to gain followers you need to sincerely build relationships and honor other fellow bloggers.  Also, get a .com blog it’s worth the money.  If I had more money I would do what my friend Jeyran Main does and self-host my blog in a heartbeat.  I just found a job in Ohio and I have been here since October of 2016.  I am so happy!

Fellow blogger Award goes to:


A special time

Ipuna Black

Hindberry Fruchtwein



Maverick Mist

Min ostyriga Penna

Fascinating World

This is Another Story



Peter Adewumi


Bullyboy Shammypapa



SumitOfficial’s Blog


Yousuf Bawany

2 daysInsanity at its best!

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