#Color Your World BLUE

Here is one photo for blue for the Color Your World Challenge from where I am at today.  OCT 30  16 105.jpg

So what am I doing today?  I am going to study for college:

Reading Chapters:

Chapter 8: Gender Discrimination

Chapter 9: Sexual Harassment

On top of that I have questions to answer and a project to hand in.  So I am in college to get my Human Resource Managers Degree at the age of 50!  I raised my now 23 year old girl before going back to school.  It’s been a long road but I love to learn and study.  I am a multi tasker master.  The noises in the room are not bothersome because I can zoom out.  No distractions for me.  Flea Market Flip!!  My two favorite Sunday television time!

I have to admit that storage wars is on TV.  Then I will watch