What is ev·a·nes·cent?  I am not sure what this word means, thus the definition is posted below.

I am in a Transition in my life.
I was homeless for awhile and now I have some place to stay.
This too, shall pass.
I am starting a new job.
I am nervous about all the changes.
College keeps me busy and my mind in tact.
Life has it’s challenges
I pray no one goes through the hard times that I have in the past 12 months.
Not knowing where you will sleep or eat
or if you will work or not.
Stress gets the best of me although I seem to be okay despite it all.

  1. soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
    “a shimmering evanescent bubble”
    synonyms: vanishing, fading, evaporating, melting away, disappearing;

    “operating on an evanescent budget”


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