WordPress Photo Challenge Rounded

 WordPress Photo Challenge Rounded

It is my

Of course I did not expect today 10/25/2017 to be my one year anniversary.  A lot has happened in one year.  I moved to Ohio last October.  By this May I moved to Illinois where I was originally wanting to be.  In January in Ohio, at the age of 50, I went back to college, that keeps me very busy!  I will get my Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management.  One reason why I want this degree, is because of the over 100 interviews I have been on and been “over-qualified” for!  A lady at Walmart said to me that I will have the gold-mine selection of jobs when I graduate.  That was the first person to encourage me on this journey.

Besides Blogging, I love my three cats as you all know.  I don’t blog as much but I do care.  I have met some wonderful friends online through blogging.  The hardest part for me is opening up to the world.  So, to me this is a big Ah-ha Moment!

Thank you for stopping by!  Jackie







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