Day #5-6 Stay at Home in IL order


I have no problems staying home and being on what I call a vacation!  I needed this time off.  What I cannot do Is get through to unemployment to file my claim.  Than if the government bails us all out based on our 2018 taxes, that is not good either.  So with less than 200.00 I will somehow survive this.  Others do not have this problem.  I will depend on Jesus as I always have.  THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE.  I will win it.

I am watching FLASH on Netflix which has some significance to what is happening today.  I think we are looking for Our Hero or Hero’s.  WE NEED HOPE.  I try to stay away from all the News other than to keep updated with the Corona-virus.

Today the sun is out the warmth of it’s rays are helping lift our spirits.  May you all be safe, blessed and healthy.1529