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When you hear the word song, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

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Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around Song?

  • Tell us about the one song that brings back a specific childhood event or experience whenever your hear it.
  • Look at the stats of your music player or digital music service: what’s the most-played song in the past week (or month, or year)? Explain why.
  • If you could sing a duet with one performer, dead or alive, legendary or obscure, who would it be? And what would you sing?
  • Do you love curating mixtapes and playlists? Create one to suit whatever mood you’re in today, and share it in your post. (You can embed music on your website from a number of platforms, including SpotifyYouTube, and SoundCloud, among others.)
  • Take an existing song and tweak its lyrics to fit with your current state of mind or with recent events — just like people on Twitter have been doing with Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”
  • Write a glowing review of the song you consider to be the worst of all time.

Day #15 Coronavirus Il Lockdown

Hello, today is a good day as the sunshine is helping lift my spirits.  I am creating a makeup organizer,  and a planner with my free time.1529

I read in the news that crime is down but DOMESTIC disturbances are UP.  I hope that people wake up and save their marriages!  I also hear that some children are driving parents to scold children.  I predict that the divorce rate rises and that the educational system must change to help children as they are having a hard time adjusting to this new social distancing.

I am content at home. I cancelled Netflix.  I watch tubi now for free!  I wish I got to work from home.  Today was my last check from my employer, so unemployment is needed to survive in such economic times.  I know I am not alone!

I pray for those that have landlords that want to evict tenants.  As the world keeps turning more problems keep us stressed out.  I did not get the church job because it was a skill set I do not have.  When one door shuts another opens.  Lets see what God will do in the coming weeks and months.

Stay healthy, safe, and blessed.