IL Lockdown over a month I am BORED

Hello, I am bored! nature 1 There is only so much we can do AT HOME.  And My Unemployment is not HERE or the Stimulus.  As I hear others who have there’s obviously the system is FLAWED.  During these hard times, not many are willing to help or part with their money.  I feel so sorry for them.  Jesus is my Leader, I choose to suffer like he did.  Pretty bad that I am an optimistic person who is very down.  I pray that this COVID 19 END soon.  Who else is bored?

One thought on “IL Lockdown over a month I am BORED

  1. Hello – Can you get outside for a walk? I’m finding walks in nature have been uplifting. Joining Zoom get togethers has been enjoyable because I get to see people I know. Truthfully, my life didn’t change that much except I can’t play with or hug my grandchildren, my groups aren’t meeting, can’t go to the book store, or travel for work. Weekdays seem to be the worse time for me and I am fortunate to be working remotely.

    Do you have any crafts that you always wanted to work on? I’m creating wind chimes with items from around the house, sticks from outside and fishing line or string. Whatever is available. Reading some books that have been waiting for attention and joining in some free online classes has been fun. Slowing down and enjoying the home I’m paying for, enjoying the items in my home and removing anything that no longer works. Decluttering drawers of clothing, photos, paper documents that are no longer needed has been refreshing as well. Decided there is no sense in fighting this – let your feelings rise and dance them out, write them out or create something to release, have a funny Zoom or FaceTime get together with friends – you can all have your own glass of wine, coffee, tea. What about using it to dance or exercise together. Meditation has also been great.

    Well, some suggestions of what is helping me during this pandemic. It’s difficult not being with loved ones, friends, and coworkers but the alternative may be getting Covid-19 or giving it to someone else. I’m sure not having a paycheck or stimulus would make this even more difficult. Everyday I hear from someone who either has been diagnosed, has a loved one diagnosed, or in some cases the whole family is on quarantine. Many coworkers have lost family members, some more than one. So I count my blessings that my family is safe and I am as well. Stay safe and healthy. Sending you loving hugs and no that this too will pass.


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