Day #9 Illinois Lock down because of Corona-virus


Today is Saturday and in IL we may have some storms….I welcome them.  No Snow!

1529I love being home.  I sill cannot get through to unemployment.   I pray for some  type of income coming in.  WITH GOD for us who can be against us.  I have been getting organized, reading books, doing Diamond art.  It’s been a joy.  I feel great.  I realized how stressed out I was while I worked.  I have to learn to de-stress in the future.

I hope America will rise up, and also stay in their FAITH.  I would now love to work from home and I am thinking about it.  With my education, experience and background I should be able to do something.  Not sure what it will be.   Suggestions are welcome!

Be safe, healthy and well…blessings to all.

Day #8 Illinois Lock down because of Corona-virus


Today is day eight of staying at home. 1529 I talked about having a nice vacation, well TODAY is the 1st day I feel great!  What I am saying is that it took all this time for me to stop and take care of Me.  I did not worry about work or the virus and now I feel authentic.  I can think clearly and have tons of energy.  My mind and body are one.  It’s hard to explain. I am also doing creative projects that fulfill me.  I think that was the missing link.  I was on a Ferris wheel going around and around with work feeling like I could not get off.  I am finally Off that Ferris wheel.  I am blessed by Jesus and will continue to pray for all of you.  Praise God no one I know has the corona-virus.

If God be for us, who can be against us.  Also, vengeance is mine thus says the Lord.  It is an honor  that I started to blog again because of the corona virus.  Thank you for stopping by.

May you  be blessed, healthy and safe.

Day#7 Stay at home in Illinois on lockdown


Today is 3-26-2020.  I am still not able to reset my password to file unemployment after pressing 1 for this 2 for that…blah blah blah…in the end it says, we are experiencing a high volume of calls and are unable to answer please call again later. It seems the government does not care about us.  1529

I have not eaten meat in over 7 days now, losing weight due to this.  I am not going to care.  This corona-virus has hurt so many people.  I do not have it because I actually do change1not go anywhere.  Illinois has a good rating that the news says we get an A for not going places…..they are tracking us…by way of cell phone, GPS, or sneaky government stuff.

The sun is not out, I am cleaning and organizing and loving my time off.  I hope each of you is blessed, healthy and safe.  quotes-about-change-c-joybell-c-1548343270

Day #5-6 Stay at Home in IL order


I have no problems staying home and being on what I call a vacation!  I needed this time off.  What I cannot do Is get through to unemployment to file my claim.  Than if the government bails us all out based on our 2018 taxes, that is not good either.  So with less than 200.00 I will somehow survive this.  Others do not have this problem.  I will depend on Jesus as I always have.  THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE.  I will win it.

I am watching FLASH on Netflix which has some significance to what is happening today.  I think we are looking for Our Hero or Hero’s.  WE NEED HOPE.  I try to stay away from all the News other than to keep updated with the Corona-virus.

Today the sun is out the warmth of it’s rays are helping lift our spirits.  May you all be safe, blessed and healthy.1529

Day #3 Corona Virus in IL life


I am a Christian women whom believes in Jesus.  1529 This is a real battle for all of us.

I watch the updates on my cellphone because Verizon has fast internet connection.

Some  may notice WiFi is lagging, and it’s very annoying.

It seems that so many of us are online that it has slowed down the WiFi.

Big bummer.   If you work from home this can be very distracting too.

I am cleaning and organizing and staying positive no matter what.

Be safe, healthy and at home.


Day #2 Corona virus in IL lock down


TODAY, 3-21-2020,  In Illinois we are at lock down at pm.

1529I am excited to stay home and not be exposed to germs and such.

I bought food very cheap to last two weeks.

I have some medication for now.

I am watching Netflix movies.

I am happy to relax and SLOW DOWN.

Everyone should blog about this time of the Corona virus and what they are doing with their time.

May you stay healthy and safe.

Day #1 Corona Virus Life

Happy Friday March 20, 2020.  In Illinois we are told by the Governor to stay at home.

1529No Problems here.  I am off work, was needing a Vacation.  I got my wish come true.

Thank God it was pay day, to get the little essentials that I needed, food, water, etc.

I live one day at a time for Our  Lord, Jesus Christ.

If the weather ever warms up, I will be glad to go outside.

I have enough to keep me busy for two weeks!

Till tomorrow, bye.

2/28/2020 Fun Day Off

Today is my day off which is much needed.  I am a hair  stylist with a HRM degree!  Chicago IL is not a great place to find work.  It is if you love to spend 90 %  of your life in a car and working downtown,  although most people wish for life work balance and it seems not to be around.

I don’t get two days off in a row or the weekends off.  Its a horrible schedule.

For fun I do diamond art, journal,  read, organize and clean.

Have a great day everyone!


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