Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Welcome to the home page of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (CFFC).  I hope you have a lot of fun.  I look forward to seeing your entries for this weekly challenge.

I know there are a lot of various challenges for bloggers and I’m hoping that this one you will have some fun with as well as maybe learn a trick or two.

One way I learned about photography is by appreciating other people’s work and getting a chance to see through someone else’s eye for a brief moment in time.  Challenges are a great way to see other people’s photography and sharpen my own photographic skills at the same time.

I am a self-trained and taught photographer.  I love pictures, photos of any kind.  I feel that the best way to learn photography is to always have a camera with you.  One exercise that has always helped me is just sit in one place for 15 minutes.  You can be sitting at your computer or you can go to your favorite place on earth.  Then take as many photos of things you can see.  Change your angle.  If your camera has zoom capabilities zoom in and out.  See what type of photos appeal to you.  Once you find what appeals to you, then practice.  The main thing is to always have fun.  If taking the perfect photo seems intimidating, stop and give yourself a break.  Put your camera away and try again later.  The main object is to have FUN.

If you adore challenges as much as I do, please check out WordPress’s Blog Event Listing for other challenges.

How Does It Work?

Each week I will have a specific theme.  This weekly photo runs from Tuesday through Monday.

To give you a heads up on what challenges are coming in the next few week, I’ll try and keep ahead a list topics for you.  You can always check back on this page or on the currently week page to see what challenges are coming up.

Go through you photo archives and see what photos you have that fits the current week’s challenge, or better yet grab you camera and take a new photo!

ENJOY and have FUN.

Create a CFFC Post

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