My New Life at age 49 from Illinois to Ohio

My New Life at age 49 from Illinois to Ohio

What led me to make the final decision at age 49 to move from Illinois to Ohio?  For those that know me will be shocked that I finally made the decision to move out of Illinois.  To make a long story short…how would you feel if your family would not let you live with them but instead tell you to go live in a shelter?  I was working full time at a Great Clips Franchise Salon in Libertyville Illinois and homeless living in my car.  But I have three cats that were living in the car with me and after seven days of that I decided that my cats were my priority and living in a shelter or car was not going to be a good decision with winter in Chicago IL on it’s way.  My boyfriend of 13 years said, let me call my cousin and see if we can live with him in Ohio.  The phone call was made and in two hours my decision to leave all of what I love and own behind was made.  Wallah! And a week later living in Ohio with content cats #3 of them,  I never want to go back to the busy city in Illinois!

It is very laid back and peaceful in Ohio.  The people are very friendly and I am the happiest 49 year old ever!  I will update this post as I go.  Thank you for  visiting my blog and please feel free to comment or email me.

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