New Security Measures at all Airports

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Today the News of New screenings for US-bound passengers on global airlines was announced.  This means that anyone who travels will be inconvenienced by having to arrive early and go through the new security system now in place at all airports.  This announcement came after the Trump administration previously rolled out a laptop ban and travel bans that have thrown the international travel industry into disarray.

Associated Press announced the new rules also come at the end of a 120-day deadline for airlines to meet new U.S. regulations following the ban on laptops in airplane cabins of some Mideast airlines being lifted. The Airlines contacted Reuters to find that the new measures could include short security interviews with passengers at check-in or the boarding gate, flashing concerns over flight delays and extended processing time.

According to CNBC, the new measures will affect 325,000 airline passengers on about 2,000 commercial flights arriving daily in the United States, on 180 airlines from 280 airports in 105 countries.

Steve Chang, SVP of Taiwanese told reporters that this will be a big issue for China Airlines, adding the airline was trying to consult with the American Institute in the country over the issue.

Korean Airlines, South Korea’s flagship carrier, also said it had a lot of concerns with the new measures.

Long-haul carriers Air France, Cathay Pacific, Egypt Air, Emirates and Lufthansa all will engage in the new screening measures as well as working with the usual screening measures at all airports.

Lets talk!  How will these screening measures affect your travel plans?

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TRUMP is the 45th PRESIDENT What he WILL DO in the first 100 Days in OFFICE…


First Day in Office

During the campaign, Trump frequently pointed to the tasks he wishes to accomplish on his first day in the Oval Office.

Laying out the aims of his administration, Trump said he will


“repeal and replace ‘Obamacare,’”


“immediately suspend the admission of Syrian refugees,”


“order a review of every single regulation issued over the last eight years,”


“begin lifting all regulations that are hurting our workers and our businesses,”


“terminate every single unconstitutional executive order signed by President Obama,”


“restore the rule of law to our land,”


“begin implementing plans for construction of a wall along our southern border”


and “get rid of” international gangs of thugs and drug cartels all on his first day.


Throughout his campaign, Trump has vowed to work to repeal and replace the president’s signature healthcare plan, saying it’s an item he will tackle on “day one” in the White House. In the final week of the campaign, Trump suggested he could convene a special session of Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has been the target of Republican ire for the past six years.


Trump has pledged to undo the president’s executive actions memorandums and executive orders. The president’s immigration actions will likely be at the top of the last. The Republican wants to end programs like DACA, which has allowed for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to defer deportations and apply for work permits.

The president-elect has also promised to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and suspend immigration from countries with terrorism ties.


In recent months, President Obama ramped up his efforts to fight climate change, but Trump, who once suggested climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese, plans to take aim at many of the president’s energy initiatives and regulations.

Trump says he would cancel the Paris Climate Agreement, which went into effect last week and aims to limit the rise of world temperatures to “well below” two degrees Celsius. He would also eliminate the Clean Power Plan, which aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.


Any chance to confirm Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court justice is thrown out the window. With a Republican coming to the White House, the Senate has further reason to pass on Garland and wait for Trump to name a nominee. The Trump camp has said he would swiftly name a conservative SCOTUS pick when he enters office.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is committed to having the Senate consider Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, but any nominee would require 60 votes to be confirmed, meaning some Democrats would have to lend their support.

Donald TRUMP #1 Praise GOD!!


Today is Wonderful Wednesday  November 9th 2016 with who I voted for Donald Trump.

Why I love him is because he filed BK over 7x and can come back on top.  I have a friend that works for him doing security and before he was elected he paid my friend 17.00 an hour and paid all of his insurance for his family and he ate free where he worked.  Now that gave me hope,  but also the changes to come!  BYE BYE OBAMA!  He did NOTHING FOR THE USA and I am glad he is OUT.  Our new President will do more and say more that will benefit EVERYONE!!  I will keep up to date with you all on him because I love him.