My 2017 Goals


Areas to Improve:

  • Dream board
  • College talk
  • Lettering
  • Creativity
  • Journalist


  • Choose (choices I make)
  • Core Desired Feelings – how much I am honoring them
  • Daily journalist

Things that Make Me Happy:

  • Making DYI gift ideas
  • Journaling
  • Telling about my college life
  • A quote a day
  • Reading


Though there were still a few things I wanted to be able to do weekly/daily as much as possible, ideally in a low-cost way. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Monday: Planning-> Living Intentionally: I have personal goals for 2017 but I want to make/share them more as I go along. I want to think purposefully each week and set goals, choices, projects for just that week.
  • Tuesday: Stories -> Stories from 2016 For 2017, I plan to just do a photo and some journaling. I can always copy/paste into scrapbook pages later if I want to.
  • Wednesday: Reading -> A Book a Week is already set till 2017. Still reading voraciously. I love reading more than just about anything.
  • Thursday: Sketch/Reflection -> Today I Choose is a project just like Every day Brave where I want to journal that day’s choices. How I want to choose, how I chose, how I’d like to choose next time, etc. I want to sketch as often as possible but I might also glue photos, collage, or do nothing. The goal is to get the reflection in there, the rest is a bonus.
  • Friday: Family/Life Photos -> Weekly Diary, I will do my best to keep up with it. On weeks, we can’t take a photo, I will journal.

These are the only weekly projects I will commit to. And even these I might do more irregularly, we’ll see. These all mean something to me and I’d like to do them and I believe almost all are pretty doable.

Now. What I’d like to do for all the other items on my list is to create Monthly Projects. This has worked well for me in the past. My plan is to start January 2017 with something I’ve already done and then see if I can get a bit ahead of myself. Also, to keep my projects small and contained. To be kind to myself with whatever unfolds. Here are some preliminary ideas of what I plan to tackle.

  • January: Journal DYI Ideas
  • February:   Reflect on what Love means
  • March: Nature scenes
  • April: Collage
  • May: Daily Sketching
  • June: Hand lettering
  • July: Doodling
  • August: Art Journaling
  • September: Today I know
  • October: One Word
  • November: Quotes
  • December: December Daily

All of these might happen, none of them might happen. I might repeat projects. I might do wildly different things. I commit to doing something but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Here’s to a wonderful 2017. Here’s to being kinder. Here’s to doing more art. Here’s to making time to enjoy art. Here’s to learning new things. Here’s to practicing more. Here’s to creating a positive cycle.